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Managed Print Services Overview

Optimize Your Infrastructure, Manage Your Environment, Improve Your Workflow

If you're searching for new ways to maximize productivity and drive down costs, you might be surprised by the savings and greater competitive advantage you can achieve by simply optimizing and better managing your printing and imaging environment. In fact, studies have shown that managing your printer fleet holistically is a proven way to immediately reduce your document output expenses by up to 30% by eliminating waste and improving utilization.

This is what Managed Print Services (MPS) is all about, and why Crystal Infosystems is able to implement a solution that delivers immediate financial results. So, whether you're interested in reducing environmental waste, increasing productivity or just lowering your overall operating costs, we can help.

Do you know how much your company spends on your corporate printing environment -- including equipment, service, consumables, parts, and man hours? This "spend" is typically fragmented and dispersed among multiple cost centers, so many companies find it difficult to identify and track. But studies show that this figure is typically around 3% of a company's annual revenue. And up to 90% of these printing expenses may be invisible or uncontrolled.

MPS is all about the process of gaining control -- control over printing costs, control over printing efficiencies, and control over printing management. An MPS system moves the corporate printing environment from a decentralized process to one of centralized management and control.

Managed Print Services can reduce these corporate printing costs by as much as 40% by optimizing all aspects of corporate printing and bundling them into a single fixed payment. Costs for equipment, service, consumables, parts and management software for every printer at every facility are all analyzed, optimized and combined into a single bill that a company can manage, control, and budget.

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